TCANZ in October

This month TCANZ members from all around the country will converge on Christchurch for the 2014 conference Communicating Change. The world’s most respected technical communicators will be presenting us with ideas and innovations to their craft, so you’re guaranteed to find something that will appeal to you, whether it’s losing your distrust of marketing communications with Lorraine Bonisch and Angela Maslin, DITA conversion with our own Rebecca Officer, or creating beautifully diagrammed documents with Daniel Moody (and thus escaping the horror that is Smart Art or MS Paint). There’s also the cocktail party on Sunday night, where you can meet and mingle with fellow TCANZ members, and get yourself settled in before heading into the conference proper on the Monday morning.

If you find yourself still in Christchurch on Wednesday after the conference ends, we’ve got workshops being held by the luminary Carol Barnum on UX, and further clinical dissection of diagramming will be done by the inestimable Dr. Daniel Moody. It may come down to a coin-flip as to which one you attend, but I can guarantee that these workshops will be compelling, interesting, and thoroughly useful.

The conference is on the 13th of October, so there’s still plenty of time to register. Click here and secure your place, and we’ll see you there!

In non-TCANZ conference news, our very own Emma has just returned from TCUK’s conference in Brighton, England, and will be sharing her insights on Technical Content in the Age of Social Media with the Auckland TCANZ members on the 8th of October. Register here and be regaled with tales of exotic lands and social media platforms.

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