TCANZ Events in May

TCANZ is working with MadCap Software to bring you a live, hands-on workshop this May, available in Auckland (May 16th), Christchurch (May 19th), and Wellington (May 20th). With power user Emily Cotlier, we have designed this one day workshop to get you started with both single-sourcing and the MadCap Flare system. You’ll use MadCap Flare with sample data and a test project, with plenty of user-specific tips and tricks to smooth the way. This is a great opportunity. “Lots of people have been asking about moving legacy projects into Flare for longer-term management, and this is part of the workshop,” says Emily.

For our branch meetings, Wellington is taking a month off (many of our Wellington members are busy this month). Christchurch, on May 14th, is bringing us a session where we listen to, and then discuss, Saul Carliner’s vital 2012 talk on The Future of the Technical Communication Brand.  It’s insightful, inspiring, and just as relevant now as it was 18 months ago.  Auckland, on May 26th,  brings us Daniel Norcross, speaking about the e-learning platform DevLearn. Join us to learn about DevLearn specifically or e-learning in general – details confirmed soon. And from Auckland, all TCANZ members have the chance to join into a NZATD webinar, eLearning Essentials, on May 22nd.

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About Emily Cotlier
Emily Cotlier
Emily Cotlier is a senior technical and web communicator. Her more unusual assignments have included writing about the New Zealand launch of Viagra, editing academic papers about meat-cutting robots, and documenting the technology that enabled the mid-2000’s launch of pomegranate-juice products in the United States. She is an expert user of single-sourcing tools, particularly the MadCap Software suite, and of Wordpress. She is also on the board of the Technical Communicators Association of New Zealand.

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