TCANZ Conferences Deliver the Goods

With the TCANZ conference 2014 only a couple of months away, we asked a regular conference attendee, Ray Bishop, to talk about why he likes our conference.

Communication, like news, is instantly global. People around the world now want to live and communicate in the ‘now’, and they expect information to be available for editing and publishing ‘now’!

This means that the presentations, documents and the tools we use have to be smart, and so do we. In many industries, headcount is being rationalised and offices centralised. Our standards are constantly being challenged. A simple MS Word document doesn’t cut it anymore in many cases.

Then there’s the drive to mobility. As people travel around the country and the world, there’s the need to be able to compose on the fly and disseminate time-critical, easy-to-read information directly from a hotel room straight after the meeting just before we fly home. Some organisations are also realising the massive duplication issues they have in their documents. They’re exploring single-sourcing in a corporate-driven drive to manage their content more intelligently.

TCANZ is run by volunteers, but its professionalism and continuing cognisance of business needs is impressive. Conference presentations are provided by local and international specialists and project leaders from a wide range of communications arenas in different cities. As a technical writer and information architect, TCANZ has been a welcome aide and it’s been a real pleasure to attend their events. I’ve been surprised and delighted by the expertise available and the range of topics. The TCANZ website also has a good selection of useful links and tips.

Let the communications continue to improve and “long live TCANZ”!

Ray Bishop, Auckland

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