So we had a conference…

April seems like yesterday but in fact, it’s been more than two months since our wildly successful Collaborate 2017.   Meredith Evans challenged us in her blog post here immediately after the conference to do things differently, to use what we’d learned and make some changes – like she was going to.

So have you? Did our conference really make a difference to your work day?

I now have Doug Kim’s Inclusive Design definition pinned on my cube wall and I read it every day. It doesn’t always apply to what I’m working on, but it makes me aware that information has to makes sense to everyone, always. When I’m out and about now I find myself commenting on the inclusiveness (Margaret Mahy playground I’m talking about you!), or not, of where I am.

I’ve also taken Shelly Davies’ lead to be bolder, to be louder about what I do and can do, and I think it’s working. I’ve thrust Patrick Hofmann’s workshop handout at a few folk to show them how slides should really look (and to prove it’s not just me who thinks that way!), and I’ve read lots more of Scott Abel’s stuff… so yes Meredith I am doing things differently!

If you didn’t get to the conference and these names mean nothing, you can check out the Conference speaker videos on our website – they’ll give you and your day a kickstart.

At TechCommNZ we love bringing you conferences that make a difference. We want to challenge your thinking, open the door to new ways of doing things, and just make you thrilled to have such an awesome career.

But to do this we need people like you. We know many of you have something to share – insights and experiences that come with our uniquely Kiwi flavour. We heard from a few at Collaborate 2017 but we want more of your stories. Start thinking about how you could make a difference at our next conference – already in the planning. Be bold.

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