September with TechCommNZ: Nationwide Workshops & Branch Events

Away with Words – The Semantic Sequel

Patrick HoffmanWe’re excited to be welcoming Patrick Hofmann, User Experience Designer and Usability Specialist at Google’s Sydney office, to New Zealand in September. Patrick is a very popular speaker here, and he has a wealth of hands-on experience designing information for some of the world’s biggest companies – including Hewlett Packard and Google. During his 8 years at Google, he has learnt a phenomenal amount about maps, icons, users, and doing cool stuff that matters.

The workshops will cover:

  • Reading exercises: meeting the speed of eye-patterns
  • Dispensing nuggets: studying the evolution of bite-sized information
  • Demonstrating not explaining: empowering users with show-and-tell
  • Balancing learnability and usability: allowing for failure to breed intuition
  • Abandoning standards: debating the design and craft of words
  • The power of pictures: new avenues of inspiration and importance
  • The failure of pictures: where my theories have tanked
  • Predicting the future: where are we headed?

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Christchurch Branch Event – Health and safety reform – the naked truth

Butterfly farming is more risky than beef. CEOs will be sent to jail. It goes too far. It doesn’t go far enough. And what about the poor children whose playgrounds will be ripped out? Won’t anyone think of the children?

At the Christchurch branch meeting on Wednesday 16 September, Louisa Eades will present an overview of the new health and safety legislation – so you don’t have to read it. She’ll cover the key changes and what they might mean to your organisation.

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