Professional Headshots: The Visual Advantage

At the upcoming TCANZ 2014 Conference, on Sunday night, we will have a professional photographer available to take corporate head shots for a modest fee.

Do technical communicators need head shots when our work is about our intellectual abilities? In 2014, the answer is: every professional needs head shots. Your professional photograph is, for many of us, the new handshake. This article from Wardrobe Oxygen describes the importance of professional head shots: ” This image will be used and reused quite often, will come up in Google searches, and often enlarged.  It’s important to have an image that is clear, high resolution, and well-lit as well as professional in style and environment… Investing in a quality headshot is not an act of vanity but a way to properly and professionally represent yourself and your work.” The Wardrobe Oxygen piece focuses on women, but at the Art of Manliness site, Network Like A Man reinforces that headshots are just as important for networking gentlemen.

Here’s an example of my most recent professional headshot from 2011, and why I need a new version. At the time, the background of technical equipment, and the 3/4 turn, seemed like a good idea. But this is three years old – I need a photo that reflects who I am in 2014. What has changed since then? I’m older and more confident – confident enough to step away from excessive Photoshopping. My personal style is more polished. I may even spring to have one shot taken with my eyeglasses, and one shot without.

For advice on preparing for a headshot, I like Corporate Headshots: Best Practices (and What to Avoid) and also Cringe-Free Business Portrait Photos: How to Pose for Portrait Photography.

At the TCANZ conference, your chance for professional head shots is on October 12th, Sunday night, at our conference opening cocktail party. The party is included with conference registration, and the head shot fee will go directly to the photographer. See you there?


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  1. The right picture makes such a difference! Sometimes you don’t get the shot you want, though – which makes this offer all the better. You only pay if you like the result, and it’s very affordable. Read more about this service on the TCANZ website.

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