Plain English Awards for 2015 Now Open – Trophy Tips from Past Judges

The Writemark Plain English Awards for 2015 are now open for all categories, especially for the Best Plain English Technical Communicator category. In addition to the category guidelines at the link, we have some advice for you from the Plain English Awards Trophy Tips Presentation, delivered earlier in June in Wellington and hosted by Write.

What do past judges of this category recommend?

  • Your entry subject matter should be technical. This includes: science, medicine, software, engineering (including civil engineering) or related documentation/writing.
  • Judges like consistent style and design that promotes readability. To help with this, your entry portfolio should have a good, clear introduction. This is a good way to tie together sections of documentation from different projects, and it’s a chance to explain what a difference your Plain English use has made for your audience.
  • Last year, the Technical category had about 13 entries – from 8 companies. If your company or organization has all their writers submit an entry separately, the judging team judges each entry fairly, but as an individual entry. Often this means the judges are comparing two or more very similar entries. If a company, instead, brings together their talent in one entry, the result is an entry that shows a stronger use of Plain English by a team and a positive story about the company, as well as the sentence-by-sentence writing.
  • We also strongly encourage independent contractors to submit to this category, as they have provided some of our strongest portfolios in the past.

You can submit an entry for the 2015 awards until August 30th. We look forwards to seeing the shortlist next spring.

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