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You may know that, up until recently, there were two technical communication organisations in Australia: ASTC(NSW) and ASTC(Vic).

Ten years ago, Sue Woolley (president of ASTC(Vic)) suggested that a new nationwide society would better meet the needs of technical communicators in Australia, and over the past few months, Sue’s suggestion has nearly come to fruition.

In December last year, TCANZ hosted a webinar for ASTC(NSW) so that their members could go online to discuss and then vote on whether to proceed with the new national society. A total of 21 members attended the online meeting and all of them voted in favour of winding up ASTC(NSW) so that the new nationwide society could be formed.

In early February this year, around 70 members of ASTC(Vic) also voted for the new national society.

Apparently, all that remains now is to reconvene the national society working group to finalise the constitution, set up the new organisation and to plan for moving members across to the new organisation.

I’ll look forward to working with the committee and members of the new national ASTC very soon!

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Steve Moss
Steve Moss has been a self-employed technical communicator in Auckland since 1988. He trained as a mechanical engineer in the UK and has extensive experience in the computer industry in software support, development and training. Steve is an Information Mapping® certified trainer and is particularly interested in editing and the development of online training material. He is a senior member of STC, a full member of ISTC and has been on the TCANZ committee as website administrator since 1999, Vice President since 2001 and President since 2011.

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