Get on board with TechCommNZ

The TechCommNZ AGM meeting is coming up on December 6th, and it’s your chance to participate on the TechCommNZ national board. Being a board member is one way to make a difference in our changing field with education, outreach, and best practices.

What’s involved in being on the national board? It’s a moderate time commitment, from four to ten hours a month, depending on your responsibilities. This includes participating in the monthly board meeting most months. Half of these take place as online meetings, and the other half are face to face meetings in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington (travel costs are covered by TechCommNZ). You can participate by working with our social media and our website, supporting our Business Manager with accounting and costings reviews, helping plan conferences and workshops, and sharing your ideas and concerns.

There are solid benefits to being on the committee:

  • Professional networking at its finest
  • Supports your own professional growth with experience that supports more advanced technical communication roles. Each type of role allows you to expand your skills:
    • Branch coordinators – training, event management, networking
    • Speciality roles – communications, accounting, web site management
    • All board members – policy and governance, event management, leadership

I’ve been a TechCommNZ board member for eight years. This time span included four years as the Wellington Branch Coordinator, helping with three of our conferences, and a two-year stint as Vice President. I’m now working with a team at ACC where I apply the mentoring, training, and industry knowledge I gained with TechCommNZ. Currently, I am stepping back from the board due to a very busy personal year coming up. It’s time for others to enjoy the benefits and make a difference in our changing field.

The funniest and sweetest benefit of being on the TechCommNZ board was: my parents were thrilled when I became Vice President. So, join the TechCommNZ board for yourself, for the writing community, and for your mum!

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