FlexiDesk – a Survey of Writers who can Choose to Sit or Stand

Standing desks are all the rage these days. After a few months of standing desks at my workplace, I sent around an anonymous survey to ask what people really think of the new regime.

We’ve had standing desks in our office now for about 12 months, so I sent round a survey to see whether people like them or not. Our standing desks are adjusted for the height of the individual, and we have ergonomic chairs on longer (adjustable) stems. This is slightly different from other offices where the chairs are the usual height and you can wind your desk up or down. Many of us also have high footstools to help with balance and posture when sitting.

Of the 29 people (out of 33) who responded to the survey, everyone said they like their standing desk, and only two people said that they would revert to a sitting workstation if given the chance. Three respondents stand all the time, 10 mostly stand, and 16 spend longer sitting each day than standing – but generally love the option to be able to do either. We find it great for collaborating, as two or three colleagues can stand around a computer screen and discuss things very easily. Some people don’t particularly like the high chairs, so we might need to do some further fine-tuning of their workstations. Comments included:

Ironically, I sit a lot but it is fabulous to have the option. Love it. Need to get one at home.

Whilst I mostly sit when I am ever at my desk, I really like sitting up high, and also having the option to stand. I also think it is much nicer when working with someone else, you can just stand next to them at the same level.

If you’re thinking of installing a standing desk, and would like to know more of my findings, feel free to get in touch.

8 thoughts on “FlexiDesk – a Survey of Writers who can Choose to Sit or Stand

  1. Being able to switch between using your desk standing or sitting is the key feature for me. I probably spend about 75-80% of the time standing, but there are some types of work that I find I can’t do easily when standing. If I need to concentrate hard on a document review or do fiddly stuff with the mouse, sitting is easier. Standing works for everything else. Having a raised seat (at about bar stool height) would be good as you could more easily go from standing to sitting without needing to adjust the desk height (which is what I need to do at work at the moment).

    I’ve used a standing desk both at home and at work for about a year now. It takes a while to get used to standing (and I do sort of shuffle around quite a bit), but overall I feel a lot more alert at the end of the day and generally better than after sitting for 6-8 hours.

    My home desk is just a normal desk with a sort of H-shaped platform that brings the work surface to about elbow level when standing. It cost about $30 for the wood, so it’s worth a try even if you don’t like it long term.


    • Thanks Steve! Do many people at your workplace use standing desks? It would be interesting to ask them the same questions I asked and compare the results.

      Cheers Em

      • Hi Em. Good point. In the Auckland Xero office, as far as I know everyone has a standing desk that can be motored up or down so that they can use it standing or sitting. I’ll see if I can find out the level of support there is for them here.


  2. i have had a standing desk for nearly two years now and i would not go back to sitting! I stood for almost all if the first year too but do sit sometimes in the afternoons. I find i am much more active and more productive when standing. A few other staff at CPIT also have standing desks too. Happy to do your survey if you want me to.

  3. Meredith Evans says:

    Good article Emma. Where I work the entire Admin team have moved to sit/stand desks – over 100 people. It’s interesting to look around the office and see how many are sitting and how many standing (I have to admit that most people sit).

    I’m loving the choice. I find I stand for the morning and sit after lunch. A bonus of standing is that I find I’m much more likely to wander over and see catch up with a colleague than I was before.

    We’ve recently gone to no food at our desks, well actually no food in the office at all. Although there was some moaning. It’s actually really good and we don’t have to put up with food smells and crumbs in the keyboard.

    • Hi Meredith!

      I wish we’d done that when you worked here – or does the ban not extend to hot drinks, LOL? I wonder if we should post your Keyboard Spillages procedure as a blog?

      Cheers Em

      • Meredith Evans says:

        Oh ha ha! Yes we are allowed hot drinks. And I have discovered a new kind of keyboard modification – Removing the keys I don’t like from the keyboard (Insert, Flock, Numlock).

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