Branch Report: Technical Communication and Marketing in Christchurch

As the Technical Communicators Association of New Zealand, we provide events for our members every month. We always encourage members and non-members who are interested to come along to these meetings for ongoing education and networking. Here’s a report by TCANZ member Meredith Evans from our most recent branch meeting in Christchurch.

As a TCANZ member for over 10 years, and a fairly regular attendee at my local branch meetings, I am continually impressed by the quality and variety of speakers. The April event did not let me down.

April’s event theme was “Blurring the Lines between technical communication and marketing”, presented by Lorraine Bonisch and Angela Maslin. They have worked together for many years at Tait Communications, Lorraine in the Marketing Department and Angela as a Technical Communicator.

Angela and Lorraine provided an informative 40 minute talk, which focused on the ways that Tech Comms and Marketing worked together to create valuable and usable tools and documents. Of particular interest to me was the development of the icon library to ensure consistency of icons across the company, both in internal and external documentation. It was exciting to hear that this icon library may soon be available in the public domain, and free for anyone to use and customise.

I was also fascinated by the way that the communications team (both tech comms and marketing) worked together to build a library of free downloadable user guides. These user guides are not only stylish and ‘sexy’, but are also well written and structured. They have a dual function, as user instruction material but also as a rather clever marketing tool.

I left this talk feeling proud of what technical communicators can do, and also invigorated to think how my workplace could benefit from some of the ideas.

Thanks TCANZ!

And thank you, Meredith! You can view this presentation here. You may also be interested in viewing the user guides here, or the free online magazine Tait Connection created by the excellent Tait team.

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