An Evening with Creative Commons Aotearoa

In late August, the Wellington branch of TCANZ spent an evening with Matt McGregor of Creative Commons Aotearoa.

Most of us are familiar with Creative Commons: the Creative Commons establishment provides an alternative to standard copyright law restrictions. Content creators can share their work using a range of Creative Commons licenses, with or without commercial use restrictions. As the organisation states, “Creative Commons licenses are not an alternative to copyright. They work alongside copyright and enable you to modify your copyright terms to best suit your needs. ” If you have five minutes, this video provides a more detailed overview:

At this evening’s workshop, we learned how Creative Commons has grown, and been more widely adapted, over the past two years. Matt McGregor had some fascinating updates for us on its global expansion, with case studies from within New Zealand. For example, a talented New Zealand photographer decided to license many of her works via Creative Commons. Her lively images soon gained her an international following, and the exposure led to commissions and paid reuse requests. In Wellington, our attendees were interested in educational reuse, and we discussed its ramifications for both print and visual media. We were also interested in denying reuse permission on moral grounds, and the general state of copyright law in New Zealand in 2014.

McGregor also introduced us to the many Creative Commons licensed resources available today, and even a dedicated search page to help you find them.

Want to join in the discussion, or have your own copyright and Creative Commons questions? Matt McGregor will be visiting our Auckland branch on September 16th.

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Emily Cotlier
Emily Cotlier is a senior technical and web communicator. Her more unusual assignments have included writing about the New Zealand launch of Viagra, editing academic papers about meat-cutting robots, and documenting the technology that enabled the mid-2000’s launch of pomegranate-juice products in the United States. She is an expert user of single-sourcing tools, particularly the MadCap Software suite, and of Wordpress. She is also on the board of the Technical Communicators Association of New Zealand.

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