Online Accessibility – Making the web accessible to everyone

Peter Nock reports on the July branch event in Christchurch.

Having been to the workshop on accessibility at the last TechCommNZ conference, I was keen to hear more on the topic of accessible documentation. Kevin outlined some of the obvious (plain language, use of styles) and less obvious (text for form boxes, how machine readers assemble PDFs for screen readers) tips and tricks for making documents accessible when read by screen readers.

His presentation is well worth a look. It includes links to some useful websites on checking colour contrast and website accessibility. His job involves being the gatekeeper on content for the Christchurch City Council’s website and ensuring it is accessible in line with council guidelines. Kevin has a charming engineering background and humour, and fielded many questions from a happily captive audience. It was good to attend (great food again Emma!) as I hadn’t been for a while – and good to see some new faces too!

Resources from the presentation:

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